Upgrade your home with 8TH AVE's smart lighting solutions!

We design custom systems for every room:

  • Living Room: Mood lighting at your fingertips.
  • Bedroom: Wake up naturally, read comfortably.
  • Kitchen: Task lighting & energy savings.
  • Bathroom: Spa vibes & convenient nightlights.

We don't stop there. Our experts work with you to understand your specific preferences and design a system that reflects your unique style.

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Our services

Tired of fumbling for light switches and settling for generic lighting? At 8TH AVE, we create custom-designed smart lighting solutions that elevate your home environment and perfectly match your lifestyle.

Smart lighting goes beyond simple on/off switches

Unleash the Power of Smart Lighting:

  • Effortless Ambiance: Set the mood for any occasion with dimmable lighting and color-changing options.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Improve the way you use each space with targeted lighting solutions.
  • Seamless Convenience: Control your lights from anywhere using your smartphone or voice assistants like Apple HomeKit
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Our products

We Offer a Wide Range of Smart Lighting Options:

  • Smart Lighting Bulbs: Dimmable and color-changing options for ultimate control (smart lighting bulbs, smart lighting led).
  • LED Downlights: Sleek and energy-efficient downlights for a modern touch (led downlight singapore).
  • LED Round Ceiling Lights: Classic and versatile ceiling lights (led round ceiling light).
  • Smart Lighting Switches: Control your lights with a touch or voice command (smart lighting switch, smart light switch).
  • Home Light Sensors: Motion-activated lighting for added convenience and safety (home light sensor).
  • Lighting Cables: We ensure everything is properly connected (lighting cable).
Lighting products

Expert Installation and Bespoke Design

Upgrading to smart lighting shouldn't be a hassle.

  • Expert Recommendations: Our team will recommend the perfect LED driver for your chosen lighting options
  • Professional Installation: Our experienced technicians handle the entire installation process in Singapore
  • Bespoke Design: We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and preferences, crafting a lighting system that reflects your unique style
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Beyond Lighting

A Fully Connected Smart Home Experience

Our expertise extends beyond lighting. We offer a comprehensive suite of smart home solutions, including smart switches, sensors, hubs, door locks, cameras, curtains, and even smart appliances. This allows you to create a seamlessly connected living space that puts control and convenience at your fingertips.

Smart Home Solutions

Embrace a Smarter, More Personalized Home:

Imagine a home where lighting adapts to your every need, creates the perfect ambiance, and saves you money. Contact 8TH AVE today for a free consultation and discover the possibilities of smart lighting!

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