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Aqara Smart Rotary Knob H1 Price Singapore

Aqara Smart Rotary Knob H1 Price Singapore

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Upgrade your smart home with the Aqara Wireless Rotary Knob Switch H1:

    • Effortless control:¬†Adjust lighting brightness,¬†color temperature,¬†or open/close curtains with a simple turn.
    • Multiple actions:¬†Assign different commands to dial rotation,¬†press,¬†double press,¬†and long press.
    • Create scenes:¬†Trigger customized lighting and automation scenarios for a seamless experience.
    • Sleek design:¬†Luxurious aesthetic with a satisfying click and LED indicator.
    • Flexible placement:¬†Mount on walls,¬†screw it in,¬†or use it wirelessly on a table.
    • Long battery life:¬†Enjoy up to 3 years of use with two CR2032 batteries.
    • Universal fit:¬†Fits standard switch boxes in Singapore (86x86mm).
    • Works with Aqara Hub & Apple Home:¬†Seamless integration with your smart home ecosystem.

More than a knob, it's smart control at your fingertips. 

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