Light Up Your Life: Discover the Yeelight Pro Experience in Singapore

From cozy movie nights to family dinners, make every moment magical with Yeelight Pro. Singapore's smart lighting solution lets you craft the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Dim the lights for a romantic dinner, set the mood for a festive gathering, or simply unwind with soft, warm hues. Control your lighting from anywhere with your smartphone, schedule scenes for effortless automation, and enjoy the comfort of hands-free voice control.

Yeelight Pro P Series

Transform your home into a luminous masterpiece with the Yeelight Pro P Series. This premium line pushes the boundaries of lighting, fusing cutting-edge tech with a symphony of smart features:

  • Rooflight Series: Bathe your space in ethereal glow with these stunning ceiling lights.
  • Surface Mounted Magnetic Track Series: Unleash your creativity with modular lighting that clicks into place, shaping light exactly how you envision.
  • Human Sensor: Let light dance to your rhythm with built-in sensors that respond to your movement.

Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors, from cool blues to fiery oranges, all controlled by voice or your smartphone. Automate scenes for effortless ambience or sync your lights to music for an immersive experience.

Visit our showroom today and get hands-on with the future of lighting. P Series: Illuminate your life.

Yeelight Pro S Series

Elevate your villa with Yeelight Pro S Series: The pinnacle of whole-house smart lighting.

Imagine ultra-deep dimming that melts away shadows, anti-glare so pure it rivals nature's light, and vibrant colors that dance to your every whim. This is the immersive symphony orchestrated by S Series, Yeelight's flagship collection designed for discerning high-end users.

Beyond stunning visuals, S Series boasts:

  • Intelligent light sources:¬†Smart bulbs and panels that adapt to your mood and routines.
  • Seamless interaction and control:¬†Voice commands,¬†smartphone apps,¬†and even gesture recognition put the magic at your fingertips.
  • Unrivaled performance:¬†Low power consumption for eco-conscious luxury,¬†high color rendering index for true-to-life hues,¬†and professional-grade dimming that sets the perfect scene for every occasion.

S Series is more than just lighting; it's an experience. Visit our showroom today and discover how you can transform your villa into a luminous sanctuary.

Yeelight Pro E Series

Yeelight Pro E Series: Lighting redefined, affordability uncompromised.

Step into a world of precision illumination with the E Series. These professional smart lights deliver dazzling brilliance with 10,000-point control and deep anti-glare, all without breaking the bank.


  • Effortless light sculpting:¬†Sculpt the perfect ambiance with pinpoint accuracy,¬†tailoring every corner to your mood.
  • Glare-free comfort:¬†Relax into the warm glow,¬†free from harsh shadows and eye strain.
  • Smart convenience:¬†Control your lights with voice commands or your smartphone,¬†creating custom scenes for any occasion.

Experience the E Series difference. Visit our showroom today and immerse yourself in the future of lighting.

Yeelight Pro M Series

Meet your gateway to whole-home brilliance!

The Yeelight Pro M Series brings smart lighting within reach, offering high-quality, stable performance at an attractive price point. Perfect for young enthusiasts, it boasts:

  • Anti-glare downlights: Say goodbye to harsh shadows and create a calm, inviting atmosphere.
  • Dazzling ceiling lights: From minimalist chic to modern statement pieces, find the perfect fit for your style.
  • Ambient lighting magic: Set the mood and enhance any space with a touch of warm or vibrant glow.

Experience the future of lighting - today!

Visit our showroom and get hands-on with the M Series. Discover how smart lighting can transform your home and elevate your everyday life.

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