Smart Switches

Smart switches are here to make your home living a breeze. One device dictating the rest of your home functions with just a flick. Made for the ease of use, the switches feature innovative ways to interact with functions like single click, double click, long press or simultaneously pressing on two buttons, all of which give different commands to different devices.


Other innovative functions include remote control, power monitoring that further futurizes your home. With optimizations like that, it would be no exaggeration to say that your living space feels alive.

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Smart Sensors

Suss out the future of home automation with Aqara's Ecosystem and Accessories. Seamlessly connect and control all your smart devices in one place, providing ultimate convenience and peace of mind.

Explore a selection of our cutting-edge sensor accessories, each crafted to enhance your daily life! 

This is your sign to experience smart living at its finest. Accessorize your home with Aqara today!

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Smart Lights

Smart lighting options encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from straightforward LED screw-in bulbs to expertly installed magnetic tracks and light modules. This variety offers the potential for extra features, including dimming and the flexibility to adjust color temperatures from warm to cool whites.

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Smart Hubs

Smart Hubs are devices that interconnect different home gadgets and automates functions that you might have to do manually otherwise. In addition, Smart hubs also provide better Wi-Fi functionality acting as a router.

Covering all your needs in your living space. Intrigued? So are we! Ease up your daily lives and get yours now!

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Smart Door Locks

The Aqara smart door locks offers you security from the future, with a more convenient and safer method of access, it eliminates lockpickers and many more dangers with its functions. 


Ease of access exclusive to keyholders: Key holders can use a tap of a digital card to access their homes, no more tricky twists and turns to unlock your door 

Further safety assurance with fingerprint reader that stores up to fingerprints of your favourite 50 people and one-time, periodic or permanent passwords. Taking your security to the next level.


Your home security should be impenetrable, achieve security at the highest standard with Aqara at 8th Ave.

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Smart Curtains & Blinds

These curtains are a gadget you never thought you needed. Automation with comfort in mind, features like automatic curtain activation; dependant on if your smart door lock is unlocked or locked,  the ability to save custom curtain settings with how much they open or close, or the convenience of scheduling activation timings set to your preferred timings, are all chores that should be managed by the brilliant curtain controllers!

Smart Curtains are a blessing to homes consolidating all the manual actions into automated ones. Don’t live in the past, move forward to cohesive living with Aqara!

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Smart Cameras

Aqara cameras are sentinels that help keep your home in check. They monitor movements faces and record events, watch your home from anywhere anytime, Aqara gives you an ease of mind. 

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Smart Appliances

Aqara Smart Home in Singapore! Effortlessly dry laundry, feed pets, and control everything with voice commands (Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri). Upgrade your life

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