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Discover the future of smart living with Aqara products in Singapore! Our extensive range includes smart switches, sensors, lighting systems, hubs, door locks, curtains, cameras, and even smart appliances. Automate your home and enjoy ultimate comfort with 8TH AVE at the best prices in Singapore!

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Unlock Smarter Living with Aqara

Imagine waking up to gentle sunrise lighting that gradually fills your room, your coffee brewing remotely for a perfect start to your day, and securing your home with a simple tap on your phone. Aqara makes this smart home dream a reality in Singapore.

Our extensive range of affordable, high-quality devices lets you control everything from lights and locks to curtains and appliances, all seamlessly integrated with popular systems like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. Effortlessly control your entire home with your smartphone or voice commands. Schedule lights to turn on at sunrise, adjust your thermostat remotely for perfect comfort upon arrival, and lock or unlock doors with ease.

Aqara also enhances your home's security. Monitor your space with smart sensors for doors, windows, and even water leaks. Receive instant alerts and enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is secure, even when you're away. Plus, Aqara devices work seamlessly with popular smart home ecosystems, allowing you to personalize your experience and leverage voice control for ultimate convenience.

The best part? You can enjoy the benefits of smart home technology without breaking the bank. Aqara offers a wide range of devices at competitive prices to fit your budget and needs. Aqara products are also designed for functionality and aesthetics, blending seamlessly into your Singaporean living space.

Upgrade your Singapore home today with Aqara and experience the future of comfort, security, and effortless living.

Aqara Smart Home FAQs

There's no single "best" system, as it depends on your needs, budget, and existing devices. However, Aqara offers a versatile hub and a wide range of compatible devices, making it a strong contender for many users. Aqara also boasts excellent compatibility with other brands, allowing you to mix and match for a truly customized smart home.

Here's what you'll need:

Smart Home Hub: This is the brain of your smart home, connecting and coordinating all your devices. Aqara offers several hubs, all compatible with popular brands like Apple, Google, and Amazon.

Connectivity: Most smart home devices connect via Wi-Fi or Zigbee (Aqara supports both, plus the new Matter protocol). You'll need a reliable internet connection and potentially a good Wi-Fi router, depending on your setup.

Smart Devices: These are the individual gadgets that make your home smart, like smart lights, thermostats, locks, plugs, cameras, and sensors. They typically connect to your hub and can be controlled remotely or through automation routines. Aqara offers a variety of smart devices.

Automation Platform: This allows you to create automated routines for your devices. Aqara has built-in automation features and also works with IFTTT (If This, Then That).

Not all! While many smart devices (including Aqara) use Wi-Fi, some rely on other wireless protocols like Zigbee or Matter. Aqara already supports Zigbee and is adding Matter compatibility to many devices. However, remote access and some features will still require an internet connection for your hub.

What happens depends on your setup. If you have a local Zigbee network, many functions may continue to work without internet. However, some devices like smart assistants (Alexa, Google Home) will lose most of their functionality without internet.

our smart home consists of a central hub (or hubs) that connects to various smart devices controlling different aspects of your home. These devices typically connect over your Wi-Fi network or a dedicated smart home network like Zigbee or Matter. In Zigbee or Matter setups, a Wi-Fi network isn't always required, but some devices might still need internet access for full functionality.