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Aqara Smart Ceiling Light T1M Price Singapore

Aqara Smart Ceiling Light T1M Price Singapore

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Transform your home with the Aqara Ceiling Light T1M! This smart light combines the functionality of a main white light with a dynamic RGB ring, offering endless possibilities for illumination and personalization.

Key Features:

    • Main White Light:¬†Bright enough for large rooms,¬†adjustable from cool to warm whites.
    • 16 Million Color RGB Ring:¬†Create vibrant colors and dynamic effects for any mood.
    • Apple HomeKit & Adaptive Lighting:¬†Seamless integration and automated adjustments.
    • Multiple Control Options:¬†App,¬†voice,¬†dimmer switch (sold separately).
    • Automation Compatible:¬†Set schedules,¬†triggers,¬†and scenes with other smart devices.
    • High Color Rendering:¬†Ra > 90 for accurate and vibrant colors.

More than just light:

    • Dimmable:¬†Create the perfect brightness for any activity.
    • Minimum Brightness:¬†Ideal as a nightlight with 0.3% brightness.
    • Wide Color Temperature:¬†Choose from warm to cool whites (2700K-6500K).
    • Smart Notifications:¬†Use the RGB ring for doorbell alerts and more.
    • Voice Control:¬†Control your light with Google Assistant or Siri.

Upgrade your home with the Aqara Ceiling Light T1M! 

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