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Aqara Smart Clothes Drying Rack H1 Price Singapore

Aqara Smart Clothes Drying Rack H1 Price Singapore

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Aqara Smart Laundry Rack H1: Effortless Drying, Smart Convenience 

Transform your laundry routine with the Aqara Smart Laundry Rack H1! This innovative rack boasts auto-lifting, smart controls, hygienic drying, and space-saving design for modern homes.

Key Features:

    • Auto-lifting:¬†Effortlessly adjust height for easy loading/unloading (35kg capacity).
    • Smart App & Remote Control:¬†Manage drying remotely with Aqara App & Bluetooth control.
    • Dual Wind Modes:¬†Warm air drying + UVC sterilization for clean,¬†dry clothes.
    • Foldable & Adjustable:¬†Space-saving design with retractable poles for various needs.
    • Ambient Lighting:¬†Soft LED glow for better visibility and added warmth.
    • Eco-friendly:¬†Intelligent system optimizes energy use for each drying session.
    • Smart Home Integration:¬†Works with other Aqara devices for automations & scenes.

Upgrade your laundry experience with the Aqara Smart Laundry Rack H1! 

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