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Aqara Smart Ceiling Light L1-350 Price Singapore

Aqara Smart Ceiling Light L1-350 Price Singapore

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Aqara Ceiling Light L1: Smart Brightness, Color & More 

Transform your space with the Aqara Ceiling Light L1! This smart light offers customizable brightness, adjustable color temperatures, and seamless smart home integration, perfect for any mood or activity.

Key Features:

    • Smart Brightness & Color: Dim, brighten, and choose from cool to warm whites for personalized lighting.
    • Smart Home Compatible: Works with Apple Home, Aqara Home, and other platforms.
    • Adaptive Lighting: Auto-adjusts color based on time of day for optimal comfort.
    • Voice Control: Control your light with Google Assistant or Siri.
    • Dimmable Rotary Control (Optional): Add the Aqara Knob Switch H1 for easy control.
    • Automation Ready: Create scenes and triggers for hands-free lighting.
    • High Color Rendering: Ra > 90 for accurate and vibrant colors.

More than just a light:

    • Suitable for rooms up to 20 sqm.
    • Minimum brightness ideal as a nightlight.
    • Set schedules for automatic adjustments.
    • React to motion, door sensors, and more.

Upgrade your home with the Aqara Ceiling Light L1! 

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