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Aqara Smart 20A Switch H1 Price Singapore

Aqara Smart 20A Switch H1 Price Singapore

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Transform your home with the Aqara Smart 20A Switch H1:

    • Control high-powered appliances (20A):¬†Ovens,¬†water heaters,¬†dryers,¬†and more ‚Äď all smart and controllable from anywhere.
    • Seamless automations:¬†Schedule appliance power,¬†create smart scenes,¬†and automate based on time,¬†sensors,¬†or other triggers.
    • Remote control & voice commands:¬†Turn appliances on/off remotely via the Aqara app or Apple Home app,¬†or simply ask Siri.
    • Energy monitoring:¬†Track power consumption and gain insights into your appliance usage.
    • Premium build & design:¬†Matches other Aqara H1 switches for a cohesive look.
    • Advanced safety:¬†Overheat and overload protection ensure peace of mind.
    • Works with Aqara Hub & Apple HomeKit:¬†Easy integration and control within your smart home ecosystem.

Upgrade your home to a smarter, more convenient place with the Aqara Smart 20A Switch H1. 

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