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Aqara Smart Door Lock A100 Price Singapore

Aqara Smart Door Lock A100 Price Singapore

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Upgrade your entry with the Aqara Smart Door Lock A100 Zigbee:

    • 9 unlock methods: Fingerprint, password, NFC, app, and more.
    • 18-month battery life: Long-lasting power for peace of mind.
    • Fast fingerprint reader: Convenient and secure unlocking.
    • Mechanical key & Type-C backup: Never locked out, even with dead batteries.
    • Smart automations: Trigger lights, alarms, and more based on who enters.
    • Works with HomeKit & Google Assistant: Voice control for added convenience.
    • Stylish aluminum design: Modern and fingerprint-resistant.
    • Remote access: Unlock remotely and watch deliveries (requires camera hub).

More than just a smart lock, the Aqara A100 Zigbee is your gateway to a connected and secure home.

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