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Aqara Door and Window Sensor T1 Price Singapore

Aqara Door and Window Sensor T1 Price Singapore

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The Aqara Door & Window Sensor T1 offers smart protection with ultimate versatility:

    • Multi-purpose protection:¬†Monitor doors,¬†windows,¬†drawers,¬†mailboxes,¬†AC units and more.
    • Smart home hub compatible:¬†Works with Aqara,¬†Apple HomeKit,¬†Amazon Alexa,¬†Google Home,¬†Matter,¬†Samsung SmartThings,¬†and Yandex Smart Home.
    • Automate your home:¬†Trigger lights,¬†sirens,¬†cameras (Aqara Hub required) for added security.
    • Real-time alerts:¬†Get instant notifications on your phone whenever monitored areas open/close.
    • Improved security:¬†Works in alarm mode,¬†sounding sirens and sending alerts if triggered.
    • Advanced technology:¬†Long-lasting battery (2+ years),¬†OTA updates for improved stability and functionality.
    • Easy installation:¬†Sticks anywhere with no tools required.

More than just a sensor, the Aqara Door & Window Sensor T1 is your versatile smart security solution.

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