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Aqara Smart Smoke Detector Price Singapore

Aqara Smart Smoke Detector Price Singapore

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Protect your home and family with the Aqara Smart Smoke Detector:

    • Loud 90dB alarm:¬†Alerts you instantly,¬†even when you're away.
    • Remote notifications:¬†Get alerts on your phone and smart devices.
    • Apple HomeKit compatible:¬†Supports Critical Alerts for urgent notifications.
    • Smart home integration:¬†Connects to Aqara Hubs for wider alerts.
    • Automatic grouping:¬†Multiple detectors trigger each other's alarms.
    • Zigbee 3.0 technology:¬†Reliable,¬†stable,¬†and energy-efficient.
    • 10-year battery life:¬†Long-lasting protection with minimal maintenance.
    • Premium design:¬†Flame-retardant,¬†insect-proof,¬†and user-friendly.

More than just a smoke detector, it's smart fire safety. 

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