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Aqara Wireless Mini Switch Price Singapore

Aqara Wireless Mini Switch Price Singapore

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8TH AVE MOBILE: Aqara Wireless Mini Switch - Unleash Smart Home Control at Your Fingertip

Transform your home into a haven of convenience with the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch, a versatile smart button that puts intelligent control right at your fingertips. This battery-powered marvel seamlessly integrates with your smart home ecosystem, empowering you to trigger devices, activate scenes, and personalize your living space with ease.

One Button, Endless Possibilities:

    • Effortless Device Control:¬†Assign the button to your smart lights,¬†fans,¬†switches,¬†or any compatible device for instant on/off control.¬†Imagine turning off your bedroom lights from bed with a simple press!
    • Scene Activation at Your Command:¬†Create custom scenes that adjust multiple devices simultaneously.¬†A "Movie Night" scene could dim the lights,¬†adjust the thermostat,¬†and close the curtains - all triggered by a single press of the Mini Switch.
    • Triple the Functionality:¬†Single,¬†double,¬†and long presses unlock a world of possibilities.¬†Configure each press to activate different scenes,¬†control individual devices,¬†or even trigger complex automations.

Designed for Seamless Integration:

    • Wireless Convenience:¬†Ditch the hassle of wiring!¬†The Mini Switch operates wirelessly,¬†connecting seamlessly to your Aqara Hub (like the Aqara G2H Camera Hub) for reliable performance.
    • Compact & Portable:¬†Its sleek design and adhesive backing allow you to mount it anywhere - walls,¬†tables,¬†or even carry it in your pocket for on-the-go control.
    • Long-Lasting Battery:¬†Enjoy up to 2 years of operation on a single CR2032 battery,¬†minimizing maintenance and maximizing convenience.

Smart Home Harmony with Apple HomeKit:

    • Cross-Brand Compatibility:¬†Works seamlessly with other Apple HomeKit accessories,¬†allowing you to control devices from different brands within the intuitive Apple Home app.
    • Voice Control at Your Beck and Call:¬†Use Siri voice commands to activate scenes or control devices associated with the Mini Switch,¬†taking smart home control to a whole new level.

Upgrade your smart home experience with the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch. 

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