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Essential Smart Home Starter Kit

Essential Smart Home Starter Kit

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Upgrade to Aqara H1 Smart Wall Switch
Smart Wall Switch Installation
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Control your home with ease! This starter kit equips your master bedroom and living room with the latest Aqara smart technology, seamlessly integrated with Apple HomeKit or Google Home.

What's Included:

  • 6x Aqara D1 Smart Wall Switch: Replace your existing light switches for remote control and automation.
  • 2x Aqara M2 Smart Hub (With IR Blaster): The central hub that connects all your Aqara devices and integrates them with your chosen smart home platform (Apple HomeKit or Google Home).
  • 1x Aqara Wireless Mini Switch: Add a versatile button for triggering automations or controlling devices with a single press. Perfect for bedside tables or convenient control points.
  • 1x Aqara Motion Sensor P1: Automate lighting or activate scenes based on movement detection. Enhance security or create a welcoming ambiance when you enter a room. 
  • App Setup with Configuration (Automation & Scenes): Our technicians will configure the Aqara app for effortless control, including setting up automations and custom scenes for enhanced convenience.
  • Migration to Apple HomeKit or Google Home: Choose your preferred platform and we'll handle the migration process for a smooth transition.
  • Training & Guidance: Learn how to use your new smart home system with a comprehensive training session.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Aqara Smart Curtain Motor with Track: Automate your curtains for effortless light control and privacy.
  • Aqara Video Doorbell G4: See who's at your door with a smart doorbell featuring two-way communication and night vision.
  • Aqara Smart Door Locks: Enhance security and convenience with a keyless smart lock.


  • Effortless Smart Home Control: Control lights, create scenes, and manage automations using your smartphone, voice commands (Siri or Google Assistant), or directly from the Aqara app.
  • Enhanced Convenience: Automate lighting based on time of day or occupancy, set custom scenes for different moods, and enjoy the comfort of voice control.
  • Professional Installation (Optional): We offer optional professional installation for your smart wall switches.

Note: This package is a starting point! You can easily expand your smart home by adding more Aqara devices or integrating other compatible brands.

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