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Up to 30 Days Warranty On All Mobile Phone Screen and Parts Repair Services Rendered

Free Mobile Phone Diagnosis and Immediate Repair
Not only does 8TH AVE MOBILE sell new and used mobile phones along with the option to trade in old phones, we also provide a free diagnosis before commencing on any necessary mobile phone repair.
Prior to any mobile phone repair needs, we conduct a free diagnosis to evaluate the conditions of your smartphone. 

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Today, mobile phones are used for much more than just making calls or sending texts. The smartphones today function as entertainment devices as well; with social media, video games and networking applications. Furthermore, the emergence of technologically-advanced smartphones in the market is spurring telecommunications companies towards innovating newer, advanced and impressive features.
The iPhone itself is a significantly popular smartphone of choice for many in today’s digital market. When it comes to Singapore, 70% people are the iPhone customers.

Research also suggests that people spend an average of 2 hours a day on their mobile phones. As our smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives, we are bound to face technical issues such as software problems or physical defects like screen cracks, scratches, blackout, or unresponsive home buttons. 8TH AVE MOBILE offers a mobile phone screen, software, and parts repair services at an affordable and reliable cost in Singapore.


Smartphones are built using complex and a wide range of parts. Any issue with these parts can cause damage to your phone. Dropping your phone can either result in a cracked screen or worse, internal damage that can be frustrating to repair. Water damage or heating issues can also require serious attention for your phone to resume working normally again.
Another common reason your mobile phone may require repair has to do with how long you’ve used the same phone. Run over a long time, phones can fail to work at an optimum level when used for long periods of time.

  • Servicing your mobile phone with regular repair and upkeep can help you to maintain the smooth functioning ability of the phone. However, mobile phone repair for iphones can get costly, with some vendors charging 3 times the actual repair rates. Your mobile phone is a critical investment, so be sure to engage a reliable vendor for the repair.

Common iPhone Mobile Phone Issues That Require Repair
• The screen stops responding. • Cracked iPhone screen – mainly because the phone dropped landing its face down. • The phone isn’t turning on due to the spilling of water causing damage to components. • The iPhone doesn’t turn on or is extremely hot after charging. • Unresponsive screen or a very slow response • Stuck or an unresponsive home button We understand that…

  • 20-25% of iPhone users who crack their screens continue using it without acquiring proper mobile phone repair, causing further damages with serious implications of cutting your fingers and even scarring your face

  • Only 2 out of 3 cracked screen users get their screens fixed

  • There are just 10% of the internal problems in iPhone that aren’t caused by users which is approximately 15% in the case of other brands.

  • A total of 400 million iPhone users are present in the world today which means according to the statistics, 26 million iPhone screens are cracked and have been repaired.

Contact us for mobile phone repair services at affordable and reliable rates. So let us not be a part of this category and find how to get your iPhone repaired at an affordable and a secure manner.

Our Mobile Phone Repair Process For iPhones (Singapore)
We inform you beforehand if the phone can be repaired. The components shall go through a strict QC process to ensure there is no manufacturing failure or another subsidiary failure due to shipping of the product. These batch tests are performed by the team to maintain quality standards.
Our Service Assurance
Before we take in the mobile phone for repair, we make sure to diagnose the faults and explain the issues to the customer. Additionally, these issues are followed by the best practices advice from our advisory team. Accordingly, we offer solutions and quotations before resuming the mobile phone repair work. With the exception of water damage to the mobile phone, we try our best to perform the repair on the spot. Water damaged phones require stint to make detections and revive.
During ongoing mobile phone repair services, you may ask the technician any questions related to the problem. Our team will be glad to share some iPhone maintenance tips with you.
If we take up the service and are still unable to resolve the issue, you will not be charged. We do not believe in charging for mobile phone repair services that fail to resolve our customer’s issue with the phone.


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Why Choose 8TH AVE MOBILE Phone Repair Services in Singapore
At 8TH AVE MOBILE, we handle every mobile phone entrusted to us with utmost care. We offer mobile phone repair services on the spot and do our best at servicing in front of you. We want to help you avoid any problems of mismanagement by performing the mobile phone screen and parts repair service with you around. However, in the case of major repairs, it may take some time. Be assured that your data privacy shall be never compromised.
We have a dedicated team of technicians who can help you get the best solution with regards to a broken device. Depending on the model you have and the issue is, they will be able to recommend the most economical and the best plan for your mobile phone repair solution.
The mobile phone repair team in Singapore is perfectly trained and can diagnose problems right away. We ensure use of only genuine components. Our service quality and after sales services are top-notch.

Contact us for mobile phone repair for any of the mentioned iPhone models below: iPhone 6 • iPhone 6 Plus • iPhone 7 • iPhone 8 • iPhone X • iPhone XR • iPhone XS • iPhone XS Max • iPhone 11 • iPhone 11 Pro • iPhone 11 Pro Max • iPhone 12 • iPhone 12 Pro • iPhone 12 Pro Max We offer INSTANT Mobile Phone Repair 
Service for iPhones WhatsApp us at +65 8885 5131 for more information.

After Sales Services (Warranty)
The phone is under warranty for up to 30 days right from the day of the mobile phone repair. The warranty period differs depending on the issue. However, there is no warranty on mobile phone repair services rendered for water damaged phones. The warranty factor helps us ensure our quality of services to the customers.
Check out more of our mobile phone repair services for iPhones by contacting us through our WhatsApp.

Terms and Conditions for REPAIR SERVICE

  • Kindly note that all device original manufacture warranty will not be recognised once repair by third part store

  • In Additional water proofing will be void and for newer models there will be an error message on your device indicating that your device have been replace by third party parts

  • Up to 30 Days Warranty On All Mobile Phone Screen and Parts Repair Services Rendered



  • Simple evaluate the types of repair you require and get a quotation instantly. Walk-in or make an appointment. Upon arriving at our store, our repair specialist will diagnose your device to ensure no other hidden faults. Repair will takes place on the spot upon your approval.



  • It depends on the severity of the faults in your device. Typically a change of glass screen or LCD panel generally takes less than 30 mins.


  • The replacement / repair of parts are charge as it is with no further mark up or hidden cost. However, exact quotation may subjected to change during inspection of the device due to hidden faults. The our repair specialist will inform you before commencing of any repair.


  • All devices that are water damage or have been dropped have already voided their authorised warranty due to self-damaged. The authorised service provider will void the original warranty if any repairs are done by third parties.


  • Yes. We offers warranty for the replacement parts against defects in material and workmanship under normal use. The period of warranty varies accordingly to respective repair specialist.


  • Pre-existing conditions or post-appointment damages unrelated to the original repair, caused by mishandling, liquid damage, software related defects, or any other unrelated issues. For example, if the device comes into contact with another object and the screen is damaged, the guarantee does not apply. 

  • Loss of data - please back up your device prior to your appointment.

  • Devices that are repaired or modified by anyone other than our certified repair partners prior to or after our service.