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Comfort & Convenience Smart Package

Comfort & Convenience Smart Package

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Upgrade to Aqara H1 Smart Wall Switch
Smart Wall Switch Installation
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Experience ultimate comfort and effortless control with this comprehensive smart home package! This package equips your 2/3 bedroom home and living room with the latest Aqara smart technology. Seamlessly integrate your Aqara devices with Apple HomeKit or Google Home for a unified smart home experience.

What's Included:

  • 10x Aqara D1 Smart Wall Switch: Transform your existing light switches for remote control and automation.
  • 1x Aqara H1 20A Smart Heater Switch: Take control of your space heater or radiant floor heating for ultimate comfort. (Double-check compatibility with your specific heater model).
  • 2x Aqara M2 Smart Hub (With IR Blaster): The central hub that connects all your Aqara devices and integrates them with your chosen smart home platform (Apple HomeKit or Google Home).
  • 1x Aqara G3 Camera Hub (With IR): Keep an eye on your home with a high-definition camera featuring night vision and two-way communication.
  • 1x Aqara Wireless Mini Switch: Add a versatile button for triggering automations or controlling devices with a single press. Perfect for bedside tables or convenient control points.
  • 2x Aqara Motion Sensor P1: Automate lighting or activate scenes based on movement detection. Enhance security or create a welcoming ambiance when you enter a room.
  • 1x Aqara Door & Window Sensor: Monitor your doors and windows for added security and receive alerts for potential breaches.
  • 1x Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor: Gain valuable insights into your home's environment and create automations based on temperature and humidity changes.
  • App Setup with Configuration (Automation & Scenes): Our technicians will configure the Aqara app for effortless control, including setting up automations and custom scenes for enhanced convenience.
  • Migration to Apple HomeKit or Google Home: Choose your preferred platform and we'll handle the migration process for a smooth transition.
  • Training & Guidance: Learn how to use your new smart home system with a comprehensive training session.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Aqara Smart Curtain Motor with Track: Automate your curtains for effortless light control and privacy.
  • Aqara Video Doorbell G4: See who's at your door with a smart doorbell featuring two-way communication and night vision.
  • Aqara Smart Door Locks: Enhance security and convenience with a keyless smart lock.


  • Effortless Smart Home Control: Control lights, create scenes, and manage automations using your smartphone, voice commands (Siri or Google Assistant), or directly from the Aqara app.
  • Enhanced Convenience: Automate lighting based on time of day or occupancy, set custom scenes for different moods, and enjoy the comfort of voice control.
  • Increased Security & Peace of Mind: Receive alerts for potential security breaches and monitor your home remotely with the Aqara camera hub.
  • Professional Installation (Optional): We offer optional professional installation for your smart wall switches.

Note: This package is a starting point! You can easily expand your smart home by adding more Aqara devices or integrating other compatible brands.

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