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Timeless Features to Choose in a Cell Phone

Every cell phone manufacturer attempts to outdo the other. They load up new phones with features like super-fast processors and cameras that rival what fashion photographers use for Elle photoshoots. But do you really need a 20-megapixel camera on your cell phone? Is it a necessity to always own the fastest processor? As cell phones rise in cost, what features really matter, and what makes a phone a good investment?

Shatter-Resistant or Shatter-Proof Glass

Most people drop their phone at least once. Some people drop their phone about once per day. This causes a multitude of shattered screens, or at least it has in the past. Higher-end smartphones now come with Gorilla Glass or Gorilla Glass Victus, both Corning products. Yes, the same folks who make your cookware make cell phone glass. You can watch consumer tests of the new products using this nearly unbreakable glass product. Unlike the mechanics inside the phone, this timeless feature won’t become outdated a few weeks after the phone debuts. It is worth the investment to buy a phone that won’t shatter or crack when you accidentally drop it, since glass repair or replacement costs between $100 and $300, depending on the phone model.

Camera Shutter/Cover

The advent of camera shutters and covers for small electronics started on IBM laptops and tablets. Many people used tape or stickers to cover their webcam when not in use to ensure they could not be illicitly watched by hackers. While the tape wasn’t fashionable, it did prove effective. Newer cell phones now come with a camera shutter or cover that you slide open to take a picture or video, then slide shut to ensure your privacy. This evolution isn’t going anywhere except on every phone. You can enjoy this timeless feature first, though, by investing in a new phone with a shutter cover. It will solve the problem of your tape or sticker coming off while your cell phone is in your pocket or purse.

A Fingerprint Sensor on the Rear of the Phone

A malicious person could guess your PIN to unlock your phone. Many people use simple items like their birthday or their spouse’s birthday. Others use a line drawn on the nine-dot display. Your Zorro “Z” proves easier to guess than you think. Perhaps a significant other or your child goes through your phone. You can stop this from happening by purchasing a smartphone that uses fingerprint recognition to allow access. You will be the only person who can access your phone. During phone setup, you train the cell to recognize your thumbprint. You can use either thumb and only you will know which. You need never worry about illicit phone access when you lay down your cell because every human being has a distinct set of fingerprints. Only you will have the fingerprint that can unlock your phone.

These phone features prove pretty easy to find, and you can purchase quality phones with these features for less than $100 if you choose Android. Unlike the fastest coprocessors, these features won’t become outdated in a matter of weeks or months, and they’re worth the cost of a new phone.

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