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Sell Your Phone For Cash And Get Paid Instantly

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Why Sell Your Phone To Us?

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No Trade in Required

Unlike others, you are not required to purchase any phone from us

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Your Trusted Dealer

Transparent and fair price from us while you still get the highest value

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Get Paid Instantly

Phone are assessed on the spot and amount will be paid on the spot at our store, or directly at your doorstep

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On-site Collection

We conveniently pick up your phone from your home & work. Or you can book an appointment to walk-in

(New Phone Buyback Only)







CONTACT US +65 8885 5131

New iPhone

iphone buyback price

New iPad
New Samsung
New Samsug Tab
New Huawei
New Oppo
New XiaoMi
New Google

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samsung buyback price

samsung trade in

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oppo trade in

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CONTACT US +65 8885 5131

Used iPhone 13
Used iPhone
Used iPad
Used Samsung
Used Huawei

Terms and Conditions for NEW PHONE BUY BACK

  • Open/unsealed NO DEDUCTION.

  • New phones must be brand new & unused.

  • All items and contents must be complete with their original wrappers/protectors, etc.

  • Apple product warranty activated will deduct from $30 onwards depending on model and activation date must not more than 5 days from purchase date. 

  • Check Apple iPhone warranty status at

  • Original Receipt with date and IMEI is needed for brand new phone and dated must not more than 5 days from purchase date.

  • No Receipt will deduct from $20 onwards depend on model.

  • Brand new phone dated for more than 5 days from purchase date will deduct from $20 onwards depending on model.

  • Buyback price are subjected to change without prior notice and shall be applicable only at times of transaction.

  • As require by Singapore Police Force, sellers are require to produce their ID/passport/work permit/etc upon transaction.

  • We reserve the right to reject any offers at our sole discretion without giving any specific reasons.

  • Above price mention is for Singapore Local Set only.

Terms and Conditions for USED PHONE BUY BACK

  • Device is able to power ON and OFF, can properly charge, read IMEI and can use with all Singapore Telco SIM Card

  • Device Must have Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Display screen is functional, no crack screen, scratches, damage pixels, no shadow, no discolor and no water damage.

  • Housing no major damage, no crack, no dent and buttons are functioning.

  • Device must not be a clone set, iCloud, Find my iPhone, Samsung lock, Google lock and Phone lock must be removed.

  • Finger print or Face ID feature are in working condition.

  • Condition of device not nice, will have deduction.

  • All prices as stated are based on mint physical condition and full working condition.

  • All prices as stated are based on full standard set (Original box, charger, data cable etc).

  • Swop/Replacement/Exchange Set is consider as used set.

  • Buy back price is subjected to change without prior notice and shall be applicable only at times of transaction.

  • As required by Singapore Police Force, sellers are require to produce their ID/passport/work permit/etc upon transaction.

  • We reserve the right to reject any offers at our sole discretion without giving any specific reasons.

  • Above price mention is for Singapore Local Set only.


Sell Your New Smartphones For Cash & Get Paid Instantly

Intend to sell your new mobile phones? Hesitate to sell your extra phones so that you can change to the latest mobile phones that will be launched in next few months? 8th Ave Mobile is specialized in professional and secure buyback or trade in your mobile phones.  Based on the previous report, Consumers change their old mobile phones to new one on average 2 to 5 years. There are users who would like to change their older mobile phones models as well to yours. Therefore, no matter what model mobile phones you have, 8th Ave Mobile welcomes you to sell your mobile phones.

Sell Your New Smartphones For Cash & Get Paid Instantly

  1. Prepare yourself with the expected value that you are selling your mobile phones for. For your reference, you can find the selling price guideline as follow:

  2. Do price comparisons: there are a lot of places that you can sell your mobile phones to nowadays. Compared with most of the dealers, it is unnecessary to purchase any mobile phones from 8th Ave Mobile when you sell your mobile phones. You will be paid right after the evaluation on the spot, in the store. Genuine buyers like 8th Ave Mobile that provide trade-in services online as well as owning physical stores allow you to do transactions at any day. 

  3. Protect yourself by reading the terms and conditions while trading your used mobile phones. 8th Ave Mobile provides transparent and fair prices for any transactions. Additionally, all transactions are protected by the Singapore Police Force.

  4. The better the condition of the mobile phones, the better prices you can get when you trade in the mobile phones. Dealers usually consider the resale value of the mobile phones as buyers usually choose a mobile phones with better condition over the lower one. You might also consider repairing your used mobile phones so that you can sell your mobile phones at a better price.

  5. Provide as much details of the mobile phones, ie. the original box and accessories, receipts, etc. The more your used mobile phones set is close to the original sets, the better price you can sell.

Tips To Sell Your Used Mobile Phones for Highest Price:

It is important to make sure your mobile phone iis clear from any trace of your usage. Before selling your used mobile phones, you should:

  1. Make sure the mobile phone is still functioning 

  2. Aware of and declare any detailed damages

  3. Remove any SIM cards/storage card/data/passwords/payment cards associated

  4. Factory reset your mobile phone

At 8th Ave Mobile, the customer service will ensure your data is erased and your mobile phone is fully checked. Even though the company has the rights to reject any offers, customers and the mobile phone that are successfully traded will be protected.  

Trade In Your iPhone with The SG’s #1 iPhone Recycler

Thinking of upgrading your old iPhones? Choose Singapore’s No.1 trade-in service to trade-in your unwanted device with the highest trade-in value for a new and latest iPhones. 8th Ave Mobile allows you to trade-in your used iPhone for cash, or you can choose to upgrade your phone for less.

Why trade-in your iPhone?

Most of the tech giants such as Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi introduce new gadgets every year. iPhone is one of the devices that are most popularly concerned as its functions, features, design and cosmetic conditions may be upgraded from time to time. Therefore, it is very common that users choose to replace their used but still functioning iPhone to the latest or better versions.


While the iPhone is highly demanded in the market, the second hand value is still there. Many mobile phone users have higher trust in the Apple brand itself, therefore, when you are looking to upgrade from your old phone to a better version, there is a portion of the market that owns a lower version than your old phone that is  looking for an upgrade to your old phone. As 8th Ave Mobile has a large number of existing customers, the company is confidently providing the best and reasonable trade-in value for your old iPhone.


The trade-in value of any used iPhone is constantly repricing due to the nature of the market which is fast-changing. The quicker you decide to trade-in your iphone, the better offers you can get. To find out how much your old phones are worth, it is suggested that you can visit 8th Ave Mobile, the specialist in the iPhone trade-in market that can do professional and precise valuation for your old iPhone. 

Buyback/Trade-in your Apple iPhone in Singapore

Here’s what to do before you trade-in your iPhone. Find out the trade-in market value for your iPhone. No matter which iPhone model you intend to trade in, from the latest iPhone 14 to iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone SE 2022, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 8+, iPhone 8, or even older versions, you may refer to the list as your resell price guideline. For the iPhone model that are not listed, you are welcome to find out the resale value through WhatsApp.

Discover The Best Trade-in Rate for New & Used Samsung Smartphone in Singapore

Samsung, as one of the best android phones in the market, constantly introduces different series such as S, Note and A series to cater the different market needs. Samsung has never failed its fans in releasing impressive smartphones. 


The trade-in process is fast and easy - bring in your old Samsung to 8th Ave Mobile store or WhatsApp your Samsung smartphones for the friendly customer services to be valued. The price offered is based on the condition of your Samsung phone, and you will be paid cash on the spot if you agree. 

Buyback/Trade-in Latest Samsung Galaxy

Samsung launches new releases in the early of the third quarter every year. It is advised that this is the best season to resell your NEW Galaxy S Series to Galaxy Z Series, Galaxy Note Series, Galaxy A Series as the phone value is at the tip top right now. When the time is close to the new Samsung smartphone launching, the resale value for the previous phone will be lower than the current price. 


If you intend to use the latest Samsung smartphone model in the coming months, trade-in your new old version smartphone now for cash. Find out the best trade-in market value for your new Samsung smartphone here. To ensure the highest price valuation, the new Samsung smartphone set has to come with its original contents. Factors including the cosmetic conditions, warranties, defects may affect the price evaluation. 

Trade-in Used Samsung Smartphone

Apart from new devices, 8th Ave Mobile also offers trade-in services for used Samsung smartphones. Sell your unwanted Samsung smartphone for cash, which in 8th Ave Mobile, free price valuation is given on-site. There are no contracts or strings attached when you trade-in your used Samsung phone. Once both parties agree with the trade-in after valuation, cash will be paid instantly on the spot. Visit to see the selling price. For the brands/model that are not listed, do not hesitate to whatsapp:

iPhone 14

Sell Your New iPhone 14 

If you happen to renew your telco contract within this period but have no intention to get a new phone this year, why not get the new iPhone 14 and trade-in your phone for cash. It is predicted that the iPhone 14 selling price is expected to start from SGD1,430. If you have a good telco contract with iPhone plan, you can consider going for a buyback on your new iPhone 14. 8th Ave Mobile provides pick-up service for your phone from your location.

How to sell your new or used mobile phones?

Visit to see the selling price. For the brands/model that are not listed, do not hesitate to WhatsApp:


You can also visit our store to get quotation on the spot:


703 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, #01-2533 Ang Mo Kio, Singapore 560703 

Tel: +65 8885 5527 • WhatsApps: +65 8885 5131

Opening Hours: 11.13 a.m. – 8.13 p.m.

Why 8th Ave Mobile:

See 8th Ave Mobile for more than 800+ customers 5-stars google reviews:

more than 10000+ customers 5-stars shopee reviews:

and like & follow our facebook page for latest updates: 


8th Ave Mobile strives to provide the best quality of products and services for all customers. Drop us a message via Facebook messenger, Whatsapp Chat or call us if you are interested to buy/sell any smartphone/tables/wearable tech. 


8th Ave Mobile also serves customers from all over the world! Find out our close-to-reality online experience to find your dream phones by dropping us a message:

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