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New iPhone

iPhone 14: rumoured to be launched on Sept 7, 2022

iPhone 14 is unofficially announced to be launched on the early September together with other products including low-end and high-end iPad as well as three iWatch models. Many people have been waiting for this moment of the year and preparing to grab one once it is opening up for pre-order. 

Now: The Best Time to Sell Your Old iPhone

At this time every year, some of the iPhone owners have a typical pattern: the new iPhone is released, consumers buy the new model, transfer their data from old to new, and they resell their old iPhone model. It is suggested that you should avoid selling your old iPhone after the new iPhone is launched because the resale value will fall drastically after the launch. Instead, sell it before the launch. 


If Apple sells the later version at a reduced price alongside with the launch of the newest iPhone, the resale value of your iPhone will not be as much as the resale value before the launch. Therefore, it is suggested that you should sell your phone now without dragging. 8th Ave Mobile will pay you on the spot right after you agree with the resale value that we offered. 


There is some luck if Apple discontinues the iPhone model, which might secure the resale value of your iPhone. iPhone with better specifications also have better resale value, for example, iPhone with a higher capacity storage. However, before the launch, we cannot tell if the old model has better specifications. Therefore, you are recommended to sell your phone now before the big loss of value. 

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