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Free Mobile Phone Diagnosis and Immediate Repair

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Why Repair Your iPhone With us?

Phone Repair Service & Battery Replacement

LCD Screen Crack, Battery, Charging, Water Damage, Motherboard, Cannot On

Highly Rated in Singapore

We are highly rated in Singapore

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Immediate Repair Service

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Up to 30 Days Warranty On All iPhone Screen and Parts Repair Services Rendered

iPhone is Brilliant, Until It Breaks.

Whether your iPhone is a iPhone 13 or iPhone 5, 8th Ave Mobile is happy to offer repair services for your older or latest version of iPhone. The technicians in 8th Ave Mobile have repaired countless iPhones, with the latest and most specialized techniques and technologies. No matter if you are looking for iPhone’s screen/back glass/camera repair, or iPhone battery or charging port replacement, you can rely on 8th Ave Mobile technicians to help you get your iPhone back to its original state. 

iPhone Repair: Is It Worth Fixing?

When the phone has become one of the essentials of our daily lives, the high usage increases the risk of facing defects or technical issues. So, is it worth fixing your phone? The general thumb rule: if the repair is cheaper than the value of the phone, you can choose to fix it. 8th Ave Mobile offers a full range of iPhone repair services including ios software recovery, motherboard repair, as well as physical defects such as cracks and scratches. See the repair price list that is the most reasonable and highly rated in Singapore:

8th Ave Mobile Fixes iPhones - Thousands of iPhones

Singapore Most Trusted iPhone Screen Replacement Services

As careful as you might be, the screen of an iPhone is still glass-made, namingly “Gorilla glass” that is claimed to be toughened and scratch resistant. The phone is also non waterproof, even though the latest iPhone 13 is claimed to be able to hold up against unintended water exposure. That feeling when you see the screen is cracking or blackout is heart wrenching, but not to worry, there are many other iPhone users that come across the same scenario. 8th Ave Mobile is the expert in providing the best quality repair service after repairing thousands of iPhone, which is why we are rated as the “Trusted Dealer” in many reviews.

Singapore Most Trusted iPhone Battery Replacement Service

For all these while, 8th Ave Mobile has replaced more than hundreds of iPhone batteries due to the performance of the battery getting poorer. Battery of an iPhone is the core factor that is incredibly important. the iPhone might be damaged if the battery is not functioning normally. Most of the time, when the technicians found that the iPhone’s battery starts to bloat, it is advised that the battery has to be replaced with a new and tested battery. Replacing a new battery allows the iPhone to perform optimally for another 18 months. 

Singapore Most Trusted iPhone Charge Port Replacement Service

If you are experiencing issues with your iPhone charging port, 8th Ave Mobile technicians are specialized in repairing or replacing your iPhone charging port. You are not alone if your iPhone does not charge anymore. Many factors that might cause your iPhone to not charge anymore, which include dust, water defect, accidental fall or even using an incompatible usb/charger. If you are unsure of the problem with your uncharged iPhone, feel free to visit our store to get free diagnosis.

Singapore Most Trusted iPhone Water Damage Repair

Dropped your iPhone in the water? 8th Ave Mobile is specialized in repairing water damaged iPhone with the finest repairing tools. If your phone is water damaged, Apple warranty does not cover the damages even if your iPhone is still under warranty. Water damage is more complicated than other repair services as the uncertainties of the damages are hard to predict. Water damage requires disassemble of the iPhone to check affected parts. Next, the affected parts have to be cleaned, which this process will be repeated to make sure the parts are cleaned thoroughly. Then, the phone has to be fully tested. If the repairs require replacements of parts, additional charges will be applied. 

Bear in mind that there is no guarantee that a water damaged iPhone can be repaired even though 8th Ave Mobile will do the very best to repair it professionally. Therefore, when the repair cost is unpredictable, it is advised to replace the iPhone with a new one, which you can find more smartphones here:

Singapore Most Trusted iPhone Back Glass Replacement Services

8th Ave Mobile specialize in repairing broken iPhone back glass using the latest technology for more skilful and quality repair. The back glass that is used as replacement are all high quality materials.

Singapore Most Trusted iPhone Camera Repair Services

If you are in Singapore, just pop in to our store to repair your iPhone Camera no matter if you are facing issues with the rear or front facing camera of your iPhone. When your iPhone camera is broken, we remove the faulty camera and replace it with a new one. After replacing the new camera, we will run diagnostic tests to make sure your replaced camera is functioning normally.

Singapore Most Trusted iPhone Speaker & Home Button Repair Services

At 8th Ave Mobile, iPhone speaker repair is usually quick as the technicians are fully trained and with years of experience in fixing the iPhone speakers issue. Many iPhone users faced issues such as cracking sounds or speaker’s not working, particularly the aging iPhone. These can be caused by the clogged bottom speakers, water damage or accidental drops. 8th Ave Mobile will replace the damaged speakers with brand new speakers that are with high quality, to extend the lifespan of your iPhone speaker. 


iPhone home button was last introduced on the iPhone 8, which the later models do not have anymore. If your home button is not functioning, we can replace it with a new one, however, the fingerprint ID will no longer work as only Apple has the special calibration tool to access this function.

Walk-in iPhone Repairs

No need to make appointments. You can bring your broken iPhone to get free diagnosis and immediate repair at: 


703 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, #01-2533 Ang Mo Kio, Singapore 560703 

Tel: +65 8885 5527 • WhatsApps: +65 8885 5131

Opening Hours: 11.13 a.m. – 8.13 p.m.

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