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Q. Why are our prices so much cheaper than other reputable major stores in Singapore?

  • A. Reason being is that we order our products in bulk and retail it to our customers at the lowest price possible. 

Q. Are there any hidden chargers?

  • A. No, as long as the mode of payment is in cash. What we advertise is nett pricing and there are no gimmicks or hidden charges. What we advertise is what you will be receiving (the full warranty by the manufacturer and all the contents inside).

Q. Do we have installment plan?

  • A. We do have interest free installment plan for DBS/UOB/OCBC card members that purchase from our Shopee store.

Q. Do we have stocks of all our products listed on our Shopee store?

  • A. Yes we do however due to the fast turnover rate of our products, it is advisable to give us a call/sms/whatsapp to enquire or make reservation.

Q. Do we offer GST refund?

  • A. No we do not as we are not GST registered.

Q. Are our price inclusive of GST or Tax?

  • A. We are not GST registered company so all our prices listed here is nett price.

Q. Do our products come with the 7 days exchange policy?

  • A. No, thus we strongly recommend our customers to check through our products thoroughly before leaving our store. If the product is defective at the point of sales, we will provide a one to one exchange immediately. Thereafter, all products that are faulty must be sent to the respective service centre(s) in Singapore.

Q. Are our mobile phones SIM-free or unlocked?

  • A. Singapore is the first country that forbids outright SIM locking thus all mobile phones are SIM-free or unlocked and can be used with any sim card compatible with any network.

Q. Do we provide delivery service?

Q. Does our new phone come with international warranty?

  • A. Unless specified, all products carries Singapore local warranty only.

Q. What do we require for a trade-in or selling phone to us?

  • A. Be it trade-in or selling a phone to us, the original contents of the box will be required. If in any instances where some items are missing, prices may be reduced. Also, ID identification is required as we have to comply with the regulations set by the Singapore Police Force to prevent theft and tracking of stolen goods.

Q. What is the difference between local and telco set?

  • A. Local set simply means that the product(s) are supplied by a local distributor and carries a minimum of one year warranty from the manufacturer. Whereas for telco set, it is a buy back from local customers who sell their new phone(s) which are purchased from telcos and carries a minimum of one year warranty from the manufacturer.

Q. Where are we located?


Q. Where is the nearest MRT station?

  • A. Alight at Ang Mo Kio MRT Station (NS16), take the underpass to AMK Hub and walk through AMK Bus Interchange. Walk straight towards Subway and exit AMK Hub. Turn right at Cheers. Walk down the stretch of shops, We are located on your left (In front of The Point Optical)

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